Dynamics Ax Manufacturing Solutions

Concrete Elements Manufacturing Solutions

  • Monitoring of all details about Concrete pipes, paving Stones, outdoor furniture, prefabricated building elements, components manufacturing of stream improvement.
  • Monitoring of value like Standard quality control procedures besides water content of industry-specific materials and according to test results make penalty bill.
  • İnventory and transportation solutions to the difficult conditions of the product collection. RFID barcode usage. Quality control processes to carry out a detailed monitoring.
  • Machine maintenance, repair.

Glass Industry Manufacturing Sector

  • Endless variation for unique variety of models in glass production.
  • Full integration via production optimization programs.
  • Special delivery packaging automation (boxes) for the glass sector

Diapers – Packaging Industry Manufacturing Sector

  • making project-based manufacturing, checking the project specifications from production to delivery.
  • Carrying out all production and delivery process via barcode.
  • Detailed quality control and traceability tracking.
  • Detailed tracking of print – pattern – cliche information.
  • Multiple preparation for delivery at the same time and make easy shipment process.

Press and Publishing – Media Sector

  • Production and sales process monitoring about sector and barter transactions monitoring.