Ozanhan ANAC : General Manager









Education:  Istanbul Technical University Control Computer Engineer – The Graduation : 1995

Task at the Company: Founder & Manager

Experience:  25 Year


   Gulhan ANAC :Administrative Affairs






Mehmet KUZGUN : Project Manager & Consultant










Education:  Marmara University- Computer Programming –The Graduation:1992

Education:  Istanbul University- Maths                                     –The Graduation: 2002

Task at the Company: Project Manager & Senior Consultant(Trading & Logistic, Production, Master Planning)

Experience:  28 Year

Emin CETIN : Software Developing Expert  







Eğitim:  Middle East Technical University – Computer Engineering –The Graduation:1989

Task at the Company: Software Developing Manager

Experience:  28 Year


Aydin SERT : Software Developing Expert & Consultant









Education:  Middle East Technical University -The Graduation : 1989

Task at the Company: Software Developing Expert & Consultant (Production, Quality,Master Planning )

Experience:  28 Year

Dogan OZTURK : Consultant


Education:  Karadeniz Technical University, Industrial Engineering -The Graduation : 2016

Task at the Company: Consultant

Experience:  2 Year

Enes AKTAS : Software Developing Expert


Education:  Sebahatin Zaim University, Computer Engineering -The Graduation : 2015

Task at the Company: Software Developing Expert

Experience:  3 Year

Ilhami BUYUKGUCLU : Software Developing Expert


Education:  Fırat University, Software Engineering -The Graduation: 2015

Task at the Company: Software Developing Expert

Experience:  1 Yıl